Ubuntu product month

7th February is the start of Ubuntu product month. An entire month to catch-up on the various technologies Canonical is working on. Whether server provisioning, machine containers, or snaps; get a look at how these products work, how they can be used in the enterprise, see exciting demos, and even opportunity for Q&A with the developers and teams behind them.

Here’s the full list of scheduled webinars for the month.

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Introduction to LXD: The pure-container hypervisor

7 February 2018

What if you could move your Linux Virtual Machines straight to containers, easily, without modifying the apps or administration processes? LXD from Canonical is a pure-container hypervisor that takes the speed and latency of containers and brings them to the hypervisor world. LXD is a machine container, meaning they’re just like traditional physical and virtual machines. Join our webinar on 7th February with Technical Lead Stéphane Graber to learn:

  • The difference between application and machine containers
  • How pure-container hypervisors such as LXD can reduce overhead
  • How to use LXD in practice from deployment to operations

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Snaps week

February 13th and 15th, 2018

Snaps are containerised software packages that are simple to create and install, safe to run, and can work on all major Linux systems without modification. Whether you’re a developer, desktop user, or even a device manufacturer; you’re invited to learn about Snaps themselves, how they can be used, and the exciting use cases. Here are the webinars to look forward to during Snaps week:

An introduction to Snaps:

Get a basic look at Snaps from what they do to how they work. In addition, see how Snaps can provide an amazing experience from Desktop Linux to Servers to IoT devices.

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A technical look at Snaps:

Get a deeper look at Snaps themselves, our writing and publishing tool Snapcraft, how you can convert your existing applications, and the insight you’ll need to start building your first snaps.

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From VMWare to Canonical OpenStack

21 February 2018

OpenStack has often been positioned as an alternative to traditional proprietary virtualisation environments. Join Arturo Suarez and Stephan Fabel for:

  • A breakdown of differences between OpenStack versus traditional proprietary virtualisation and information on identifying when it makes sense to use one or the other
  • Analysis on TCO, best practices and risks
  • A demo on how to migrate from a traditional proprietary environment into an OpenStack cloud

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Introduction to Juju: Automating cloud operations

28 February 2018

Modern software is getting complicated, and we’re simply not able to hire or train people fast enough to operate it due to the complexity of micro-services running across many machines. Juju from Canonical allows you to deploy open source operations code and model-driven operations at any scale on any cloud. Join the Juju team to find out:

  • The basics of Juju from Charms to Bundles
  • How to easily deploy solutions and scale up from one simple dashboard
  • How Juju can be used for deep learning, container orchestration, real-time big data, or stream processing
  • How you can use Juju to simplify your operations!

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Don’t want to wait?

MAAS: Building the agile datacentre


At Ubuntu Enterprise Summit, we took a look at MAAS (Metal As A Service). MAAS from Canonical allows you to provision and automate physical servers for amazing datacentre operational efficiency. In this on-demand webinar, learn how:

  • You can get the speed of bare metal but with the flexibility of the public cloud
  • How MAAS can be used in the enterprise
  • How to get started with MAAS yourself

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Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is a tiny, transactional version of Ubuntu for IoT devices and large container deployments. It runs a new breed of super-secure, remotely upgradeable Linux app packages known as snaps ‐ and it’s trusted by leading IoT players, from chipset vendors to device makers and system integrators. Want to know more?

Learn the basics of Ubuntu Core in our on-demand webinar An Introduction To Ubuntu Core, or get an advanced overview in A Technical Introduction To Ubuntu Core.


Launching a foray in the world of containers can be daunting, considering the variety of commercial and open source technologies available. With The Canonical Distribution Of Kubernetes, we’ve created commercial offerings to fit every use case. Watch this on-demand webinar for a full tour.

  • Kubernetes Explorer - a production-grade implementation of Kubernetes in a cloud environment with hands-on web-based training
  • Kubernetes Discoverer - a more advanced package that also includes bare metal infrastructure, CI/CD workflow and hands-on in-person training
  • Kubernetes Add-on custom options - from custom monitoring to disaster recovery, there are options to cover your enterprise needs

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