How to escape StuckStack and profit from your OpenStack investment

When OpenStack works well, it delivers on its immense promise. However, any software comprised of many different components, third party integrations and revisions needs tight version control. If not, complexity can become its downfall.

When an OpenStack deployment falls too far behind the pace of upgrades, it becomes impossible to keep up with the latest versions. We have called this condition StuckStack and it is caused by the difficulty in upgrading from out-of-date software to the latest versions of OpenStack.

This eBook offers a four-point plan to remobilising the StuckStack infrastructure and regaining organisational agility.

Piggy bank

What's in this eBook?

  • The reasons why OpenStack can become a StuckStack
  • Challenges your company may be facing
  • Practical advice on how to come unstuck
  • Solutions to help your business and success stories

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