Case study

Award winning drone technology with Ubuntu

"Advancements in drone sensing and processing technologies are making autonomous drones a reality and using Ubuntu has helped us get new products to market quickly. It provides us the platform we can rely so we can focus on engineering great products for the drone market.

Dr. Zongbo Wang, CEO, Aerotenna


  • Partnering with Intel® and Xilinx®, Aerotenna developed and released OcPoC with Altera Cyclone and Xilinx Zynq, with an industry-leading 100+ I/Os for sensor integration, and FPGA for sensor fusion, real-time data processing and deep learning.
  • One such sensor is Aerotenna’s microwave radar that allows the drone to detect surrounding objects in all light conditions and environments, important for safe flying of UAVs.
  • Ubuntu powers the OcPoC giving developers a familiar, extensible platform to build drone solutions based on the powerful combination of multiple sensors and complex robotics algorithms.

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